Personal Liberty

We have many protections written in the Bill of Rights which are supposed to protect our natural rights from an overreaching government. Sadly, these constraints have been cast aside by those who are typically identified as the progressives, neo-cons, conservatives, democrats, and republicans all of whom are nothing more than the big government elite.

Our own Senator John McCain considers himself a “progressive republican”. Isn’t that an oxymoron? He is a man who idolizes Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson who historically were two of the most regressive leaders elected in the United States when it comes to small government, states rights, and individual freedom. There is no surprise when McCain believes the fourth amendment gets in the way of the federal government who, in his beliefs, should have power over everything, limitless power to rule all aspects of society. To control by fear and force where liberty is what you are told, not what your birthright gave you without any regard or semblance of the constitutional republic the sons of liberty designed.

Speaking briefly on the fourth amendment; our founders were alive in a time when citizens were not afforded the right to be secure in anything and the actions of our current government would make them look like soft handed wimps. Though we are supposedly protected from such behavior, they spy on all aspects of our lives, travels, and personal behaviors. All they have to do is declare someone suspect, with no warrant or cause, and everything that is personal for the individual becomes a target for inspection.

This is nothing but the new age of McCarthyism targeting anyone who speaks out against policy, under 1st amendment protection, where if one does this then they must be the enemy of the state so the government feels obligated, for everyone’s “safety”, that they must intrude and trample rights in the name of protection when in reality it is to protect the growth of government and to hide the fact that current policy is the problem not the answer. They use these tactics of overaggressive force and violence to install compliance through fear. Nothing resembling the representational government that was enacted.

This falls right into line with public policies such as mandatory vaccinations, water fluoridation, and every other policy that has been mandated with little or no true science that shows them to be effective or safe and these policies stand even when there is evidence that the policies are damaging to people and/or the environment. What ever happened to the rule of precautionary principle? A simple mindset for the creation of laws that basically states, whenever dealing with any law that MAY present a hazard to people or the environment ALWAYS side with precaution and stand against such laws. Sadly, our current fascist government only enacts policies that benefit the bottom line of their benefactors with total disdain of the human and environmental consequences.

Though this extends to your right of ownership of your own body where we now have governmental agencies without warrant, conviction, or charge forcibly extracting bodily fluids in the name of “public safety”. As far as what a person does to their own body recreationally we will cover that in another thought when I write about the war on drugs.