Liberty they say…

The only true form of freedom is no government at all, anarchy. There still are rules and binding personal agreements but aside from mob rule no enforcement if someone renigs. Regardless of that, you would require some very special people, ones who don’t have the weaknesses that abound in society, both current and past, who truly live with complete integrity.

If we could take away our unfounded fear and envy then we would be in a position to live in a state of ultimate freedom but sadly these espoused desires, of becoming a perfect people, are unlikely to come about soon so, because of these inherent weaknesses of character, we need to implement some form of government.

The founders of this country were well studied men who looked at all forms of government and selected the best pieces from each in the effort of obtaining the greatest freedom without the overburdening confines of an oppressive government and to accomplish this they drew the confines around the government.

Freedom, imho, is to live life any way you see fit as long as you act responsibly and accept the responsibility for your actions which include not interfering with the rights or property of another. Now, many would confuse this with having a license to act dangerously, to inflict harm upon others with no recourse which is the farthest from the truth. In a free society, you can live dangerously, as long as that danger is confined to you and your property. You can live extravagant, meek, or flamboyant as long as you cause no quantifiable damage to another or their property. Freedom can only be bound by the actions of another man but those bindings are only viable, if you accept them.

Today, we live a contrived freedom where we are free to choose the options and actions that have been handed to us as “safe for society”. It is a far cry from what the founders had delivered to us more than a couple of centuries ago. None of them were perfect men but they understood the responsibility and accepted it. Why don’t we?

If we are to, once again, live as a truly free people then we must shed ourselves of the current version of our government and look toward the truth in self-reliance, civil disobedience, and getting involved in our electoral process because everyone, whether you care about politics or not, is involved and being taken deeper and deeper down the road of tyranny and oppression.