By Doug Marks

Division is not just a mathematical function it is something we do, consciously and subconsciously, throughout our lives. Our brain is wired to make sense of the world around us and in order to do so it categorizes and compartmentalizes the things we see and sense around us. As preschoolers this process occurs naturally, as we play, and in watching and listening to those around us; our parents, most notably.  As we grow, learning becomes more formalized: religious teacher, coaches, and Scout leaders all present us with rules to be followed; but the overarching source of what we’re required to take in throughout our youth is our indoctrinating school system.

American society is not only fragmented by gender, race, sexual orientation, economic class, political beliefs, geography, etc, etc;  but also by a deliberate atmosphere of fear – and of all the things that divide us, Fear is the big one. These divisions not only shape the way we think and react, they also subtly mold our mental processes and even define the Truth that we seek.

Despite a lifetime of listening and watching, I never really understood how or why so many fall prey to this divisive mindset, until I became aware of how much our government is involved in, and profits by, perpetuating these divisions, which not only slice us up into groups, but then pit one group against another by creating separate laws defining these divisions. Often, these ‘protective’ actions – Affirmative Action, DOMA, the Brady Law to name a few – create animosity because in this special treatment anger is created on one side that leads to fear on the other and, once again, our government seizes the opportunity to quell the fear by creating yet more laws defining yet other special groups to keep them safe. This whole practice is insane and damaging to freedom. “We the People” is quite clear. We need not be known by any other tag. We need not create any laws that cannot apply to all for if we do those laws are unjust because it creates a separation of “the People” and forces a dis-uniting.

Many years ago, through the actions and writings of Edward Bernays, our government learned that this feature of the mind, the inborn urge to sort and categorize – as well as other psychological techniques (brainwashing’) – could be used as a control mechanism.  Since the ruling elite, who are few in number, require something that will maintain their control over us, using our mental make-up and egos is actually quite brilliant. Considering that the United States contains over 300 million people patrolled by militarized forces of a few hundred thousands. The government needs something more; and fear gives them the leverage, the control, they need.

In a cooperative society, fear logically would not be present because government would not insinuate itself as the ‘protector’ of fractional groups, just the People. Though I am not a fan of Lincoln he was right about one thing, “United we stand, divided we fall”. Sadly, we have fallen, fallen dupe to the propaganda of lies, deceit, and secrecy that surrounds our current bastardized government.

I will admit that in my youth I was rushing headlong into the national collectivism, and fell victim to its propaganda; but I never saw people as different. Maybe I was just naïve, but that long list of our divisions never entered my world until I was beyond high school. Thankfully, as I matured and became more aware I saw through the lies and deceit, and discovered for myself that we are just one people – and that the rest of those categorizations meant nothing.

I learned decades ago that history is written by the victors, and therefore that truth is obscured or re-written. It has become so bad that even the alterations of factual, textbook history, though widely known and recognized as wrong or incomplete, go uncorrected because those in power quietly use such falsehoods to maintain the culture of fear and the dis-unity of our society that, were it truly united once again, would mean the end of their control.

At every turn we are flooded with news engineered to evoke our fear response, we hear about this boogey man, that our government trained/backed/supplied, or that there exists some horrible disease that has killed less people than car accidents but when it is spun up, our fear trigger is evoked and we start looking for the safe haven that our educational system has programmed us to believe only our government can provide.  Fear is a powerful friend when backed by the immediate fact of danger, as it may keep you from doing risky things; but when it is a trumped-up fear, then your instinct to keep safe, actually hinders your making logical decisions and appropriate actions. Remember, fear is just an emotion it is not anything real and may not reflect reality.  Fear is not danger, though danger can evoke fear, and that emotion does not need to be born upon fact to fire the psychological triggers.

The last thing that the people of this country need is more law, more government, and more fear. We can end this cycle of fear; and if we do, we will end the overbearing bloated national government.  It is time to take it back, by the people…by the United People of the United States.