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Doug Marks

About Doug Marks

I’m a politically motivated activist who is no more than an average middle class person that is fed up with the over-stepping over-burdening intrusive government that forces it’s way in every aspect of people’s lives. I was the Libertarian 2010 Congressional candidate for the 14th District in Illinois, 2011 Elected Member of the Village Board of Carpentersville Illinois, and the 2012 Libertarian State Senatorial candidate for the 33rd Legislative District in Illinois. I relocated to Arizona in 2012 and could not be happier for the move. Personally, I am married with three children, an Army veteran and work as a Sr. Application Developer for a billion dollar corporation. Politically, I am a Libertarian, a Liberty Speaker and am current working with the Libertarian party within Arizona to further the sound of freedom. I am a three time Liberty Candidate, have been endorsed by the 10th Amendment Foundation, the Tax Payers Union, the Boston Tea Party as well as other liberty centered organizations that push for reduced government and lowered taxes.

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  1. if you want to get serious contact me directely. Adam Voegtli – asv1214@GMAIL.COM

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